Welcome to Canada Virtuous Women!


Our Vision

To raise a generation of women that fear the Lord and to support each other, widows and single parents better their lives and those of their children.

Our Mission

Empower women using the Biblical principles.

Provide emotional and material support to; members, non-members who are widows and single parents who are struggling.

Canada Virtuous Women are women who fear the Lord. They are women that have come together with the goal to serve God through prayers and the Word of God. We are guided by Biblical Principles and we come together to support one another spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. We support women that are struggling amongst us in our community, in other communities including single parents and widows where ever God leads us. Our prayer meetings 90% online through ZOOM meeting are open to every woman who believes in Jesus Christ and fears the Lord. We take turns to bless and encourage each other, we invite guest preachers from across the globe to bless us in our meetings. We organize empowerment conferences for women and organize fund raising events to support widows.

We are here for that sister that is going through challenging times and need a touch from God. Are struggling emotionally or new to Canada and not sure how navigate your way through; we have been there and can assist you. We pray every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. We meet in person once a month on the third Thursday of every month (See our Calendar).

We celebrate each other.