Jesus, my Saviour

Jesus, my Saviour

Tuesday September 28, 2021
Exhortation: Evang. Christel Mbonteh
Topic: Jesus, my Saviour

2 Timothy 1:5-7

  • God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind.
  • My focus in this message is on the 5th verse of 2 Timothy 1.

When Paul talked about seeing faith in Timothy’s mother and grandmother, he was talking about the one mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:9.

Whenever Satan wants to destroy us, he always targets our faith, because without it we cannot please God ( Hebrews 11:6).

Hebrews 11:1 defines what faith is.

I don’t know what you’re trusting God for this season, but something you should hold on to is your faith.

1 John 5:4 says we are already victors, so nomatter what you’re going through, hold on to God.

  • And whatever you’re going through, turn to God’s word to see what it says concerning that matter.
  • God has said that He will honour His word above even His name, so bring your struggles to Him and hold Him by that.

Now, back to what Paul was saying about Timothy:

  • What if Paul had not yet seen the manifestation of the faith in Timothy? Could it be that it was something that Timothy’s family was known for?
  • What are the things that people know your family for? Are they good or bad?
  • There are some things in our lives that have a history in our family, and foundations that we were born into.
  • The Bible says that we have the mind of Christ ( 1 Corinthians 2:16), but because of man’s fallen nature, we tend to get entagled in things that are not from God, and just like in medicine where you can’t get a treatment without a diagnosis, you can’t get out of those entanglements if you don’t have a diagnosis.
  • There was an issue with the lineage of Jesus; Abraham had a child with Haggai, Jacob got entagled with a woman he didn’t want, and the story goes on.
  • Until the foundation has not been fixed, things can not align.
  • When promises delay, it is easy to start looking for other options, and make compromises that will only draw us close to the enemy’s camp.

But God encourages us in Genesis 17:1 to “walk before me and be blameless”.

Hebrews 12:14

  • When the enemy wants to come at us, he pushes us to a place of frustration, so that we start to doubt and question God.
  • We must deal with the issues in our lives, if not they will only get worse with every generation, and magnify.
  • Like, think for a second: from Genesis to Revelation, the devil is magnified from a serpent to a dragon.

In 2 Samuel 11, David got into an entaglement with someone else’s wife.

  • When we sin, we tend to lie in an attempt to cover up.
  • Then the tendency is to tell a bigger lie to cover up the previous one.
  • Samuel lost a whole destiny because of a woman. Imagine that!
  • I pray that the issues in your life will end with you, and not transfer to your children.
  • There’re some things that the enemy will use to mess up your life, and it takes the grace of God to overcome them. Not even money can solve thise issues, if not all the rich would have absolutely perfect lives.
  • When you carry grace, things fall into pleasant places.
  • There are people depending on yor destiny, so if you fail, you’re not only failing God, you’re also failing those who are meant to be led to the light by you.
  • That’s why you need to wake up!
  • Jesus brought an end to the issue (with women) in His lineage; the women who surrounded him were women of God.
  • You carry a grace in your life, and the enemy is working hard to keep you from realizing it!
  • So if the enemy is attacking you, it’s because there is a mighty assignment on your life (To whom much is given…Luke 12:48).

So the next time you go through a trying time, instead of complaining or blaming God, praise and worship Him. Don’t give rhe enemy what he wants! And plus, you’re already a victor.

  • So don’t let the enemy intimidate you with what you see around you; you might not be seeing the evidence you desire in the physical, but there is a substance in the spiritual that once manifested will manifest it in the physical.
  • Remember, Jesus is our Saviour, our Redeemer.

Acts 4:12 says there is no other name by which we are saved than the name of Jesus.

  • Today, I invite you to ask Jesus what you desire, for He has made a promise in John 14:13.
  • When you pray, remember:
  • The joy of the Lord is my strength
  • I am standing by the promises of God
  • His foundation standeth sure
  • His promises are yes and Amen

Luke 19:30-35

  • Jesus wants to set us lose from all forms of bondage, if we’ll only open up our minds and our spirits to Him
  • Jesus wants to reconstruct every broken foundation.
    Matthew 18:1
  • The Holy Spirit is made available for us today (Acts 4:31).

Jesus ended that thing in His family;

Today He’s looking to you to end that thing in YOUR family.

  • So as you tackle those issues in your life, remember to rely not on your own strength, but God’s. Connect your spirit to His spirit, and you will move to the place of triumph.


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