Tuesday, October 05, 2021
Exhortation: Pastor Warah Solomon

Psalms 118:23

  • God is doing something
  • Virtuous women, youve seen nothing yet compared to what God is going to do

Song: This is the Lord’s doing

  • Your projects, dreams and plans are going to be amazing,
  • What God is about to do in your spiritual life, your career, dreams, etc.

Psalms 126:1-6

  • There is going to be a turn-around for you this month

Luke 14:12-14

  • When you take care of the poor – those who can’t repay you – you will be greatly rewarded.
  • The Lord will deliver you in time of trouble.

Zechariah 4:6-9

  • The best dimension of operation is the dimension of the spirit.
  • There’ll be an unusual annointing for finishing the remainder of the year.
  • There’s an unusual movement in the spirit such that it’s not going to be about your effort, but God’s spirit.
  • When God steps in, you watch, you rest, etc.
  • There’s a finishing anointing available: unusual favour, phone call, blessing, testimony, revelation.
  • That great mountain ahead of you: you’re not going to push it; you will instead see a plain.
  • God will stir men and women to come to your need.

Esther 2:5-10, 15-18

  • In the 10th month, Esther was taken before the King.
  • She was born with God’s touch on her life.
  • Your background doesn’t matter to God
  • Where there is a vision, there will be provision.
  • Never blame anyone (for not helping you); they weren’t supposed to do it.
  • God will raise a Mordecai for you.
  • God bypasses protocol, and does things like taking an orphan slave foreign girl to become a queen.
  • Seek to obtain mercy from God today
  • This month, may God show up for your case!

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