Let God Take Over, so You Can Live in Freedom

Let God Take Over, so You Can Live in Freedom

Thursday, January 7, 2021
Exhortation: Dr. Paulina C. Hardy

Isaiah 54:1-4

  • Some women here have been haunted by their past; because of that reason we’re unable to reach our full potential.
  • The enemy uses our past to intimidate and discourage us.
  • It’s not easy to ignore your past.
  • And for that, our prayers don’t get answered; we pray in fear, constantly torture ourselves because of our past.
  • Whatever happened to you, it doesn’t matter; the fact is that it happened. And I’m sorry you’ve been a victim.
  • We have to let God deal with our pasts, if not it will keep resurfacing.
  • Remember, you are precious, and a special creation. God doesn’t think of our past.

2 Samuel 11:5-27

  • David did so many wonderful things, then he took Uriah’s wife, BUT God forgave him, and if God could forgive him, He can forgive us!


  • Let your past go tonight.


  • Leave your excess baggage in the past.

” Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you “

” Whoever the Lord sets free is free indeed. “

  • Free from guilt, condemnation, stigmatisation….
  • Let go, forgive that husband who abused you. That friend who hurt you. Firgive yourself for hurting someone, including yourself.
  • We women have the tendency to drag things on for long, but we need to remember we are wonderfully and fearfully made.

2 Samuel 12:24

  • Bathsheba conceives when she lets go of her guilt; let go so you can conceive what God has for you.

Isaiah 54:5-8
The promises God has for us.

  • May we be free of our past in Jesus’ name!

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