Mercy’s life Journey

Mercy’s life Journey

Mercy is a 43 year-old widow from Bafanji in Ndop, North West Region of Cameroon. She is now a resident in Bafoussam, in the Western Region. Her husband died when she was 32 years old, leaving her with 4 children. Due to the difficulties she faced after her husband’s demise, with no help for her and her children, she decided to remarry and was blessed with two more children. Unfortunately, her second husband abandoned her, and she was left all alone with 6 children. Unable to pay the rents of the house they lived in, Mercy packed out into a dilapidated building, with holes in the roof. On rainy nights, she would sit up with her children the entire night, waiting for the rain to stop before they could set down their beds and sleep.

She and her children survived on a small business of making and selling puff-puff (donuts). 
Things became so difficult that she could neither take care of herself or her children, even with the business which was slow. Mercy went into a depression, and could not stand and watch her children suffer this much. Thoughts of suicide came to mind, and she got a highly corrosive bleaching agent (Eau de javel la Croix), and collapsed after drinking it. The children called neighbors, who rushed her to the hospital for medical intervention; she was rescued.

Mercy then met a pastor, who encouraged her and prayed with her. She and her children gave their lives to Christ, and she continued with her puff-puff business which, by God’s grace, enabled her to sponsor her children in school . Unfortunately, She fell sick due to the constant heat absorbed from the fire during frying, and had to put her busi-ness on hold as recommended by the doctors.

Her main problem now was what to do? She’s gotten used to her business that she does together with her children , but can no longer do it for health reasons. Thank God, the CVW located her in Bafoussam, supported her financi-ally in October 2020, and her joy has been restored. She’s now inspired to venture into a different business, and hopes for a brighter future for her and her children. 

Story Written by: Bernadette Chi-Ngang for CVW

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