Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Exhortation: Pst. Helen Odogba
Topic: Sacrifice

  • March is a month of prayers
  • We women have carried burdens in our hearts; God will surprise us this month.
  • Let us cherish our intercessions.

Sacrifice: letting go of something to gain something else.

  • Your sacrifice of time and giving for God doesn’t go unnoticed; God will reward you.
  • The coming of Christ is so soon, so do your best to share the gospel in the best way you can.

Jeremiah 9:17

  • You and I are so important to God; women who can pray and intercede (for those who don’t believe in Christ).
  • You need to come to a place where you wrestle with God like Jacob did, for Him to bless you.
  • You need to get to the point where you don’t care about keeping up an image; learn to let loose when you have business with God, and humble yourself.
  • Cancer is not a death sentence; if God can heal me, He can heal you!
  • There is nothing God can not do. So keep praying until you reach Heaven.
  • Learn to sacrifice: time, food, looks, sleep, education etc, for God’s business.
  • If you can spend two hours doing your makeup/hair, you can sacrifice time for God.

What have you lost/sacrificed for God?

  • Learn to go down on your knees, and handle your problems with God.
  • Satan is a wicked man; anytime you get down to pray, he’ll start to remind you about your bills, problems, etc. That’s the time to open your mouth and sing.

A closed mouth is a closed destiny

  • Learn to persist in knocking the door of Heaven until you get an answer.
    Luke 18:1-7
  • Learn to hold on to God until He blesses you.
    Say, “I will not let you go until you bless me”.

Question: What will you be remembered for?

Prayer Time
1- God, fill me with fresh fire, such that when I pray, Heaven will open.

2- John 19:4-6
Pray against that ancient voice crying for your crucifixion.

3- Pray that you will not miss your blessing in life. Pray for deliverance from the power that drives blessing away from me.

4- “Oh Lord, I will not die before my time. I’ll enjoy life, health, wealth, peace.”

5- For any children in your life: they are for signs and wonders. They’ll know peace, they’ll not marry the wrong person, they’ll excel in life, they’ll know peace.

6- God load our leader, sister Adeline, in the Holy Ghost.

7- For our husbands: may God favour and bless them.

8- Honour the widows.

9- Bless the single women with the right spouses.

May this word be a blessing in your life!

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