The Soul

The Soul

Tuesday, 23 April, 2021
Exhortation: Prophetess Marcia
Topic: The soul

  • The condition of the church shows that some people are still sitting in complacency and lack.
  • God is saying we can’t stay there.
  • Everything that’s to be done is done through the soul.

Matthew 22:37

  • To love Him means to honour Him in every aspect of our life.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17

  • When we love Him, we’ll love and honour Him with our temple.

How do we dishonour Him?

  • It’s the sin we have within us.
  • It begins in the soul
  • The spirit man is saved, but the soul is not.
  • So it’s our responsibility to deal with the soul(which is made of the mind, the will and the emotion).
  • Therefore what happens in the soul affects the balance in our walk with God.

John 14:13

  • There was nothing in Jesus’s soul for Satan to use against Him.

Mark 1:24

  • The enemy can only access us when we carry sin in our soul.

What do you have that gives the enemy the legal right to torment you?

It IS possible to live a life and have nothing in common with Satan.

  • When you have nothing in common with the enemy, you can torment them.
  • There’s so much in our soul; God’s word brings healing to it.
  • Do you know we have given the enemy the legal right to bring affliction upon us?
  • Many of us have sicknesses, afflictions, and ask why.
  • It doesn’t mean God can’t/won’t heal us, but we have to deal with those defiled areas in our lives.
  • The soul must be healed, and we are responsible with prioritising healing.
  • Every time Jesus performed a miracle, He carried out an action; He could have simply spoken a word, but He wanted to show us that there are processes to get to where we need to get to, and we must be willing to go through the process.
  • As women, we carry a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes pressures, offences, etc create wounds in our soul; we need to identify those and deal with them.
  • Your soul is your ticket to freedom: when the mind, the will and emotions come together.

How do we handle our issues?

  • We must be willing to identify that we have issues.
  • Just because we’re under His grace doesn’t mean we can do anything; There’re still consequences for actions.
  • Anything that has enmity with God gives Satan access to function in our lives.
  • God says it’s either we’re hot or cold, but if we’re lukewarm, He’ll spit us out.
  • When you carry the fire of God, everywhere you go, you emit that fire.
  • The fire of God is your key, and there’s a place you have to get to to have that fire such that Satan can’t torment you.
  • God says your garment must be white as snow; one little blemish can ruin everything.
  • This means we must be cautious as to what we do in our lives.
  • Can you say that Satan can find nothing in common with you?
  • You have to walk circumspectly with God; to be in but not of this world.
  • You can carry the anointing of God, but what’s in your soul can destroy you.

Like Jeremiah: May the fire of God be shut up in our bones.

  • May we spit that fire everywhere we go.
  • May your soul be set on fire for God.

3 John 2:2

  • Be conscious on how you take care of yourself and your body.
  • You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
  • Something has to change.

Are you prospering?

  • There are times God allows us to go through things, but majority of the time, we are the ones who allow things in our lives.
  • Many of us say we’ve given our lives to Christ, but have no fruits to show for it.
  • Remember, “by their fruits, we shall know them.
  • We must bear fruit.
  • If there’s resistance in our soul, it’s impossible to advance.


1)How do you find strongholds(something that keeps happening over and over) in your life?

  • Write down things you’re struggling with.

2) How do you maintain deliverance?

  • Stay grounded in the word, in prayer, and be vigilant, because the enemy will return to see if they can still acces you since they know your weaknesses.

3) How do you deal with ancestral strongholds/curses?

  • Recognise our forefathers’ sins, repent on their behalf, and break ties with every convenant, sacrifice, sin, etc, and release the blood of Jesus.(the soul carries the memory of everything, and the enemy uses that to bring affliction)
  • Once that’s done, walk the life you know you’re supposed to be living.

May God bless the manifestation of this message in our lives!

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