Divine Identity

Divine Identity

Thursday November 19, 2020

Exhortation: Pastor Theresia Ndofor

Topic: Divine Identity

Text: Exodus 3:13-15

-Who are you? What’s your identity in the Lord? 

-The issue of identity is referenced to throughout the Bible.

-Moses asked when sent to Egypt, “Who should I say sent me?”

-Your real identity is your purpose for creation, which is knowing God’s will for our lives.

-You can’t fulfill your divine mission without knowing your divine identity.

-After His transfiguration, Jesus finally embraced His identity. 

– Who we are is who the Father has called us to be, and gives us complete confidence and trust, then we don’t need to compare ourselves with others, because our id is hidden in us and unique. 

– This is why we have different taste for things: fashion, food, music, etc. 

– Leaving a fulfilled, content life depends on knowing your identity.

– Do you know your divine identity? 

– It has nothing to do with our name, achievement in this life, but rather our relationship with Jesus Christ. 

– Jacob was a swindler, but after his encounter with God, his life and name changed; same thing with Saul. 

– Most times, the enemy has shielded us from knowing our true identity.

– To stand firm in the Lord, we must hold firm our true identity. 

– Our sacred ground of operation as children of God, the key to open certain closed doors in our lives.

– God reveals our diving identity to you, but have you taken notice or paid attention? 

– As God’s children, we are a kind of shrine, embodied by the Holy Spirit, so don’t get intimidated by things of the devil e.g shrines, etc.

– When you know who you are, you automatically know who you are not. 

– When you realise your true identity, you begin to automatically shed things that don’t fit with our identity. Chaos gives way to order. You don’t miss the old ways, and naturally align yourself with the things and will of God.


– Like Jesus says, “you are in the world, but not of the world”.

– If you’re a child of God, nobody needs to push you to do what you’re supposed to do as a child of God. You find joy in doing them, and get satisfaction.

– Your diving identity is your most precious possession, most precious knowledge. 

– Attacks that hit you as a child of God shouldn’t bother you.

– Your identity keeps you strong through challenges; it doesn’t keep them away.

– In the church, there are Christians and there are Disciples; you need to be a disciple – one who has had an encounter with God.

– We are living in the last days, so it is crucial to know your identity in Christ. 

– When you are connected to the Lord, and know your identity, you won’t need someone else to tell you your prophecy, because He speaks to you, and you hear Him. 

– When you know your identity, there’s nothing that’ll happen in your life that God won’t reveal to you. 

– Life is lived more in the spirit; the physical is just a reflection of what has happened in the spirit, and being close to God means He will always prepare you for the challenges in life (through visions and revelations, for example)

– I want to encourage you to draw closer to God, and He will reveal things to you. It is a daily encounter. 

Matthew 7:7 (Original Greek version) says, “keep on asking, keeping on seeking, keep on knocking.”

– Seek to know God more. He has given us each task for the day. Each blessing for the day. So let’s keep holding on to Him.

– Seek to know Him more through prayer and His word.

– Humanity and divinity are the same. That’s why we’re joint heirs with the son of God. 

– God made us in His image. That’s why we are gods. That’s why we are Holy Temples of the Holy Spirit.

So, I’ll ask again: WHO ARE YOU?

Who has God called you to be today? 

God has called us to be more than what we are today, so let’s keep seeking, let’s keep knocking, let’s keep asking.

There’s more in us that God desires to reveal in us.


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