Pulling Down of Strongholds by the Word of God

Pulling Down of Strongholds by the Word of God

Thursday, *November 05, 2020

*Deaconess Melissa Paquet*

*Judges 6:1-2*”…the Lord delivered them….”
– The *Den*: a small tavern, in the side of a hill. It’s a small shelter. – The children of Israel built dens, caves, and strongholds.
– The den became the cave, then a stronghold.
– A thought is a seed -> the *den*Grows to:- A *cave*: large, natural-occurring cavity, formed underground- Leave the thought long enough, and it becomes a *stronghold*, which takes the word of God to break it.
– Stronghold: well-fortified place; fortress; protects itself from attack ( *defense mechanism*)- A place where a definition or belief is strongly defended or upheld.
– These strongholds are *very hard* to penetrate.
– Strongholds spurn from negative past experiences.
– Our reactions are based on our perception of our strongholds.
– Our beliefs are shaped by our past.
– The children of Israel were trying to protect themselves. 
Let’s now compare the *den* and *cave*
– If we don’t deal with the stronghold of our thoughts, we’ll be stuck there.
Let’s look at the CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS:
*Conscience* : The thoughts, memories, wishes we’re aware of.
*Subconscious* :A reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges and memories outside our conscious awareness.
– When we meditate on the word, it reaches a level of our mind, then as we renew our mind, the more we read it, by the help of the Holy Spirit, we’ll reach a point we’ll be able to destroy those strongholds. 
– its easy to say we read the word – *head knowledge*
– But the word is meant to penetrate our spirit, and change and transform us.
– Weather it’s people in the world, baby Christian, or even mature Christian, it’s easy to see when one is held by a stronghold.
– Trauma corrupts us.
– These strongholds have to be dealt with in our lives.
– Check the reason behind your patterns and reactions e.g. “why do I always react like this when this sister talks to me this way?”
*Songs of Solomon 2:15*The little *foxes* = the little *thoughts*
– If you leave the thoughts(foxes) in your mind(vine), and don’t address them (with the word), it will grow to a stronghold.
– These foxes will spoil the vine. 
*Ephesians 1:17-18*
*2 Corinthians 10:4-6*
– Only God can pull down a stronghold.
– When we start talking negative things, those are *imaginations*. 
– When we’re disobedient, were no longer aligned with Christ. 
– We have to renew our mind.
The Word says “walk by faith, not by sight”.
– This pandemic, many have allowed fear into their minds.
1. *Meditate daily on the Word**Philippians 4:8*- Think about good things. 
– The Word of God will build you, shape you, and tell you who you are.
*Psalms 139:13-14*”…Thou has covered me in my mother’s womb….”
May God deliver us from all strongholds!

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