Back to School Sponsorship

Back to School Sponsorship

Canada Virtuous Women is a nongovernmental and interreligious charity group of women with a passion to put smiles on the faces of widows, giving them new hope and the tools to rebuild.

This group of prayerful women has impacted many lives across Cameroon, and is now taking root in Nigeria. Their dream: to impact the world for Jesus, one widow at a time. These women don’t just take care of widows; by providing scholarships and school materials, they also ensure that orphans can access and be well-equipped for school.

On October 25, 2020, widows and their children gathered at the Dallas plaza, Meta quarter, in Bamenda (Northwest province) for our CVW Back-To-School and Widows’ Follow-Up Forum. The event, facilitated by Bernadette Mah, Akum Alice and Delphine Endah, had an overall attendance of 16 widows and 34 children. 

The gifts included backpacks, stationery, and scholarships to select children. Profound joy and gratitude were captured on the women’s and children’s faces as they gave thanks to God for Canada Virtuous Women, and prayed for God to bless them more so that they can put smiles on more faces.

We were also blessed to hear some of the widows’ stories, including 23-year-old Vesca (you can read her full story here: section), the youngest widow in the room who, despite losing her husband while two weeks pregnant, fought tirelessly to obtain her education – while supporting her child – and succeeded in passing the G.C.E ‘O’ Level (General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level) exams!

Stories like these give us joy. They are what drive us to do what we do, and we are ever so thankful to God for the opportunity and ability to be a blessing to children and women like Vesca. 

“For it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35)

Article written by Bernadette M. ChiNgang in Cameroon for C.V.W.

Edited by Karen Monie of C.V.W.

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