Widows Christmas Banquet – Buea

Widows Christmas Banquet – Buea

Last Stop for the 2020 Widows Christmas Banquet:

After our Foumbot Count Your Blessings banquet in the West (see post here: https://ovirtuouswomen.com/widows-christmas-banquet-foumbot/), our ground coordinators headed to the South West Region and blessed some more widows.

In every region we went to, we gave gifts and sponsored some of the widows to grow their businesses.

The CVW are women on a mission to alleviate poverty amongst desperate widows, and we are grateful to God and everyone who supports this work.

May the Lord bless all of you who sow into our ministry, and replenish your pockets a million times in Jesus name!!!

We will keep going wherever the Lord sends us.

God bless you!

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