Solid Encounter with God

Solid Encounter with God

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Exhortation: Sis. Adeline Ijang

TOPIC: Solid Encounter with God(Knowing God for yourself)

Text: John 4:15-18 & 39-42

  • The reason most of us are in and out with God is because we’ve only heard about Him from others, but haven’t had an experience with Him.
    • When you encounter Jesus, your life will never be the same. 
  • Everyone has a name by which they know God, depending on what He’s done for you (Rapha: healer, Jireh: provider, etc)
    • However, we sometimes tend to limit Him to that only which we know Him by.
    • It’s a great thing when we experience Him in different ways!
  • When you encounter God, like the Samaritan woman in our text, you become an evangelist(vs 28);
    • You share what the Lord has done for you.
  • When you encounter God, you become bold, vulnerable and repentant.
  • When you encounter God, you grow as an intercessor. 
  • When you encounter God, there is transformation, restoration, conviction, compassion.

Note: False prophets can tell you things about yourself; 

  • You need to have a solid relationship with God to discern real from the fake.

John 1:35-47


  1. Through Jesus Christ

Romans 10:9

You must confess with your mouth.

If you haven’t had the chance to give your life to Christ, take some time – wherever you are – to invite Him into your life. Believe in your heart that you’ve received Him. You’re encouraged to also seek a place or worship and mentorship from a Woman/Man of God.

  1. Through the Holy Spirit

Romans 8:14

  • As children of God, we must worship and serve Him in Spirit and truth. 
    • Means you shift the focus from yourself, and anything around you, to God.
    • See, the Holy Spirit is a gentleman; He won’t impose Himself on you unless you invite Him.
    • Sometimes the Holy Spirit prompts us gently to pray, and we brush it off because we’re comfy in our bed, or doing something.
      • Listening and giving in to the Holy Spirit’s nudges allows a chance to encounter God.

John 4:24

  1. Through the Word of God

1 Corinthians 2:9-12

  • It’s the Spirit of God that will help in your search through God’s word.
  • He’s the revealer of the word. 
    • Do you find yourself reading a scripture, but don’t understand it? 
      • This is where the Holy Spirit comes in with enabling understanding.

John 1:1-3

  • Understand that His word is full of God’s promises to us, so knowing and understanding it enables the word to become “flesh” in your life.
  • We don’t need prophets to hear God on our behalf;
    • God can speak to us personally, but we need to put in time in His presence.
  1. Through Your Worship
  • Worship is another effective tool to have an encounter with God. 
  1. Genuinely Desire it
  • It all begins with your desire

May you have an encounter with God today!

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