The Nature of God

The Nature of God

Tuesday, February 23, 2020

Exhortation: Pastor Olga Stephen


  • When we come to God, we receive an inheritance: God’s nature.
  • This means, whoever God is, we are.
  • We sing a lot of worship songs about how HE doesn’t fail, HE doesn’t change, HE doesn’t lie. All that is exactly what we are!



  1. The spirit of Sonship – we gain access to the Father’s will, just as is customary on earth.
  1. Revelation 5:10 says we are priests, a kingdom to serve God, and will reign on earth.
  1. 1 Peter 2:9 says we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood.
  • In the Old Testament, Priests could only come from the tribe of Levi (the Levitical order), but Jesus’ arrival changed all that, and we now operate under the order of Melchizedek – a priest that doesn’t have a beginning or an end (He didn’t come from the tribe of Levi). This is why now, anyone can become a priest!
  • Jesus didn’t come from the tribe of Levi, He came from the tribe of Judah.
  • As priests, we can carry the trials, sins, troubles of people to God, and God (the High Priest) will answers us (His priests). This is a privilege.
  • As a kingdom, when we speak the word of God (The King), our words receive the Holy Spirit’s seal (The Royal decree), and it must come to pass.
  • As heirs, we’ve inherited His words.
  1. Ephesians 2:6 
  •  We are seated in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus.


1) Malachi 3:6

  • Despite all that has happened in the world, the Lord does NOT change, which translates to us, His children. His nature in us doesn’t change (including our perspective, principles, decisions concerning God).
  • It’s by the Holy Spirit that we are able to maintain this Godly character; no matter what circumstances occur, we should never change from our Godly nature.
    • Our love towards someone, for instance, should never change, because that is the nature of God.

2) Job 42:2

  • God can do all things, therefore we CAN do all things (through Christ).
  • Whatever God asks you to do, never FEAR, never be intimidated by the magnitude.
  • No power of the enemy can ever thwart God’s plan in your life. Not even Covid! It(God’s plan) may be delayed, but never thwarted. 

3) Numbers 23:19

  • God does not LIE, therefore we should not lie. 
  • The truth of God in us can never be thwarted; while carrying out God’s vision, bear this in mind.

Isaiah 55:11

  • When you make a promise, make sure you fulfill it, because as His child, you carry His nature.
  • Sometimes, we may feel that it’s difficult to live by the presets of God, but with the help of the Holy Spirit (grace), it is possible.
  • AND as a child of God, whenever you sin, the Spirit of God is quick to minister to you, so do not be worried.
  • Life is fulfilling our purpose – that which God has deposited in us. And the only way to do so is by walking in His inheritance. 
  • As heirs of God, we have a priestly covenant with God, so when we come to Him, He has no choice but to answer our prayers, because He is a covenant-keeping God.
  • We are Sons & Daughters of God; our inheritance is in the word of God, and we are seated alongside Christ, above ALL principalities; therefore as heirs, we ask, we DON’T BEG. We are not beggars. Sons & Daughters don’t beg. 

Moment of Prayer

  • First, ask God for mercy over any negative words you’ve spoken over someone.
  • Renew your covenant with God, and ask that whatsoever we decree in our generation, must come to pass.
  • Ask that whatever you ask, according to His will, will be given.
  • Ask that the nature of God will manifest in us, and never change.
  • Declare that you can do ALL things, and His plan will be thwarted. 

For Our Widows: 

  • Ask God to have mercy on the widows we support, and help them to stay on God’s path.
  • Decree and declare that all their needs be met, and that they will abide steadfastly in God.

May the Lord bless you through this message!

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